The bells are ringing, it’s snowing, and Santa is coming–it’s Christmas time! Christmas is all about gift-giving, having fun with your family, friends, and students. Make this time of the year merrier! Spend time with the children by engaging them with fun and exciting teaching activities.

Learning does not stop with the holidays, so I have prepared an engaging set of  Christmas Math & Literacy Worksheets filled with Christmas elements like our favorite hot chocolates, winter mugs, snowflakes, mittens, scarves, and more to spread the Christmas spirit.

The Math Worksheets will help children practice counting, making patterns, graphing and tallying, adding and subtracting through various activities that are fun, engaging, and interactive. You’ll surely have time to bond with the kids over a warm cup of chocolate with these worksheets. On the other hand, the Literacy Worksheets include vocabulary, writing, rhyming, S and L blends, long and short vowels, counting syllables, and more. 

You can use this set for homework, morning work and even early finishers. Feel free to save and share this on Pinterest for future use.

Don’t forget to download your FREE Christmas Math & Literacy Printables Below!


• Christmas Color By Number, Addition and Subtraction (1 to 10)
• Christmas Counting (1 to 20) and Make an AB Pattern – Count the Christmas ornaments by 1’s and write the missing numbers.
• Christmas Skip Counting by 2’s – Skip count by 2’s and write the missing numbers on each sign.
• Christmas Skip Counting by 5’s – Skip count by 5’s and write the missing numbers on each present.
• Christmas Skip Counting by 10’s – Skip count by 10’s and write the missing numbers on each letter.
• Odd Or Even Coloring – Help Santa sort the mail. Color the odd numbers red and the even numbers green.
• Christmas Make a Pattern AB, ABB, ABC, ABBC, Make your own
• Christmas Counting – Count the objects in each box. Color the matching number.
• Christmas Graphing – Create a graph using the pictures below.
• Christmas Graph and Tally – Count the pictures below and each time you see an image, make a tally mark.
• Before and After Numbers (from 2 to 15) – Write the numbers that come before and after the number on the gift.
• Before and After Numbers (from 16 to 30) – Write the numbers that come before and after the number on the stamp.
• What Comes Between – Write the missing number that comes between the numbers from each pair of Christmas ornaments.
• Christmas Bonds – Find the missing numbers. Color the pictures
• Christmas Subtraction
• Christmas Addition
• Christmas Addition(Dice and Ten Frames) – Count the ten frames. Solve the problem. Then, cut and paste the ten frames in the boxes.
• Christmas Subtraction (Count and Subtract) – Count the items in each box and solve the problem.
• 2D Shapes – How Many Sides? – Trace the 2D shapes and count the sides of each one. Color the matching number.
• Telling Time to the Hour – Draw the hands on the clock to match the digital clock.
• Christmas Number-Word Match – Cut and Paste (1-10) – Count the fingers. Cut and paste the number words below to match them with the numbers on the gifts.
• Christmas Number-Word Match (11-20) – Read the number word. Color the matching number
• Missing Addends 
• Match the Numbers – Draw a line from the dice to its’ matching ten frame and number word
• Base Ten – Christmas Tens and Ones Counting – Count the base ten blocks. Write the number of tens and ones in the boxes.
• Let’s Make 10 – Complete the ten frames to make 10. Finish the number sentence.
• Ten Frame Addition – Cut and Paste – Count the dots on the signs, solve the problems and cut and paste the results on the present.
• Christmas More or Less
• Missing Numbers
• Christmas Ten Frames (11-20) – Fill in the ten frames to match the number next to them.
• Tallest or Shortest – In each box, color the shorter objects.
• Odd or Even Sorting – Cut and Paste – Cut and paste the number in the correct box
• Christmas Ordinal Numbers
• Answer Key


• Christmas Vocabulary – Color the Words – Color each picture with the color that is below it.
• Christmas Color By Sight Word 
• Christmas Color By Word Family –um, –ot, -in, -em
• Christmas Color By Word Family –ip, –og, -at
• Christmas Vocabulary – Write the Words– Color each picture. Write the name of each picture.
• Christmas Day – Rhyming Words – Read the words on each envelope. Color the words that rhyme.
• Rhyming Words – Cut and Paste – Look at the picture, trace its’ name. Cut and paste the picture that rhymes.
• Find & Write R Blends – Look at the picture. Color the R blend of each word and write it.
• S Blends Practice – Look at the picture. Write the beginning S blend of each word.
• L Blends – Cut and Paste – Look at the beginning L blend on the present. Cut and paste the picture that has the same beginning blend.
• Word Families –at – Say It! Write It! Box it! – Look at the picture, write its’ beginning sound and write the letters in the boxes.
• Word Families –ip – Say It! Write It! Box it!  – Look at the picture, write its’ beginning sound and write the letters in the boxes.
• Long and Short Vowels – Cut and Paste – Cut and paste the pictures in the correct box.
• Long and Short Vowels – Look at the gift box on each row. Color the pictures that have the same short vowel on the line.
• Roll and Trace Sight Words – Roll a die, read the number, and trace the sight word from its’ line. Continue playing until all the words have been traced.
• Sight Word Count who, like, want, into – Search for the sight words below. Count the number of sight words and write the number you counted on the line.
• How Many Syllables? – Look at the pictures and write the word. Highlight the number of syllables in each word.
• I Can Write About Christmas – Draw a picture of a Christmas tree and describe it below.
• I Can Write About Christmas – Look at the picture and describe it below.
• Color By Vowel – Read the words on each present. Find the presents with the same middle vowel and use the color code below to color it.
• CVC Sentences – Look at the picture and write the missing letters in the boxes to complete the sentence. Write the sentence below.
• CVC Words – Short a – Read the word and color the matching picture.
• CVC Words – Short e – Read the word and color the matching picture.
• CVC Words – Missing Ending Sound – Look at the picture and write the missing ending sound of each word. Color the pictures.
• Answer Key
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